Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthday Time!

I have to say, I love birthdays and holidays.  I think the main reason I love holidays and birthdays is because I get to do two of the things I love, cooking and baking.  I admit, I definitely use my children's birthdays as an excuse to get creative and have fun with their birthday cakes and to make them cookies.  Two of my children, Wildman and Tinkerbell, are having birthdays pretty soon.  We'll end the month by celebrating Wildman turning 4 and 5 days later we'll celebrate Tinkerbell's 1st birthday. 

We're having a little birthday celebration with friends for Wildman and Tinkerbell's birthdays so I'm bringing cookies.  Wildman has requested Spiderman cookies and hockey cookies.  Wildman has an unbelievable hockey obsession.  I've also decided on butterfly cookies for Tinkerbell.  I was in the middle of putting supper in the oven and Cinderella, who will be turning 2 1/2 at the same time her brother and sister turn 4 and 1, said "Are you making my birthday cake?"  That's when I realized that I would need to at least make some special cookies for her as well.  My kids, even at their ages, have already figured out that when it comes to making and decorating cookies and cakes I'm willing to attempt just about anything. 

Here is my cookie list as it stands now: 

hockey puck cookies
butterfly cookies
conversation heart cookies
spiderman cookies

This list doesn't even include the birthday cakes.  My son has already requested a hockey cake.  The past 2 years I've done a hockey rink cake for his birthday.  This year I'm doing something new!  I'm making him a cake with the logo of his favorite hockey team.  I still haven't quite decided what I'm doing for my youngest.  I think I'll be looking through my cricut cake creations and make something using one of the cartridges.  I received several cartridges for Christmas and I've been itching to use them.


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