Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tiered Birthday Cake with Fondant Bow

My baby is 1!  How did that happen?  I remember the day she was born like yesterday. 

Since I am a super planner (you should have seen all of the lists I had for my wedding).  I have been planning what I would do for her 1st birthday cake forever.

Here's what you'll need:
2 - 6 in. cake pans
2 - 8 in. cake pans
fondant in 4 different colors
gel food coloring (if you plan on dying the fondant yourself)
white buttercream frosting
pink buttercream frosting
dowel rods
Royal icing

Frost the bottom layer with white buttercream and insert dowel rods
Cut out different colored stripes for the striped layer.  I did 5 of each color.  (Mine were 6 1/2 in long by 1/2 in. wide)
Place the stripes onto the 8 in cake.  I used water to place the stripes on.
Place the next tier on top of the cake
I added 2 different sized circles to the polka dot layer.
Here's a better picture of all of the different polka dots I used.  I glued them onto the cake with water.
Next onto the bow for the cake!
I cut out 4 in. strips in each of the different fondant colors and glued them together with water.  I let them dry overnight so they wouldn't bend or break when I put the bow together. 
I, of course, got into the zone and forgot to take pictures of how to make the bow, but you can see a tutorial on how to make the bow here
Here's another view of the bow where you can see it a little closer.


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