Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Princess Minnie Mouse Cake

Princess Minnie Mouse Cake
Here is another cake from my search of pictures from past birthdays.  This is my very first fondant cake.  My little girl loves Minnie Mouse and Princesses so naturally I had to combine the 2 things. 

The cake itself is covered in fondant and with small fondant polka dots (Of course Minnie Mouse has to have polka dots!) cut out using a small circle cookie cutter.  I did a star icing trim on the cake.  I cut out the name using the cricut cake machine. 

The head of the Minnie Mouse cake is made with a styrofoam ball cut in half.  I'm now kicking myself because I should have used Rice Krispy treats to make the head so it would have been edible too.  The head is covered in gum paste.  I chose to use gum paste because it's harder than fondant and I wouldn't have to worry about Minnie Mouse's ears drooping and of course I didn't want the crown to droop. 

I made the crown by doing a google images search for crowns and I found a crown coloring page.  I used it as a template to cut the gum paste into the shape of a crown.

I made Minnie Mouse's bow by cutting the gum paste into a rectangle and scrunching it up in the middle.  I then took a strip of pink gum paste and put it the middle to make it look more like a bow. 

Here's a view from the back.



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