Friday, July 12, 2013

Super Mario Bros. Cake

Hubby's birthday and Father's Day are close together.  We were going to be spending hubby's birthday at his parent's house so I decided rather than bring all of my cake decorating supplies to his parents house I would just make him a Father's Day cake instead. 

We got engaged and found out we were expecting our first on hubby's birthday so it's always been a special day to us.  In fact, hubby played Super Mario Bros. while I was in labor with our first.  It was a 46 hour marathon labor so he figured he needed to do something to keep him from going stir crazy!  The whole time I was making this cake the theme song from Super Mario Bros. was going through my head.

I also decided to do this cake because it's relatively easy and you only need a few cake decorating supplies.  I used pre colored fondant, but you can also just buy white fondant and color the fondant the different colors needed.

You will need:
Blue gel food coloring (for the frosting)
Super Mario template
Sharp knife
Red fondant (or red food coloring)
White Fondant
Blue Fondant (or blue food coloring)
Black Fondant (or black food coloring)
Black Food Coloring
Brown Fondant
Tan Fondant
Food Safe paint brushes
Brown Food Coloring
Black Food Coloring
Yellow Fondant

I started by printing out a template image of Super Mario which you can find here.  Please excuse the water marks on the face.
Cut the Super Mario image out and cut the hat off of Mario.

Roll out fondant.  Using a sharp knife, cut out the outline of Super Mario's face.
Once you have done the outline of Mario, cut out the facial features of Mario.

This is the eyebrows, hair and mustache of Mario.

Place Mario's facial outline on top of the cake. (If you look closely you can see the finger prints of my 1 year old.  She helped me out a lot with this cake.  If was peanut butter and delicious!)

Place the hat and hat lid on top of Mario's facial outline.  I did the lid of the hat separate and placed it on top of the hat in order to give it more dimension.

Place the white of the emblem on Mario's hat.

Place the M of Super Mario onto the emblem.

Place the brown fondant down for the eyebrows.  You can also paint them on using brown food coloring.

Place the mustache on Mario

Place the eyes, nose and hair on.

Give Mario his blue eyes.  You can also paint the blue and black onto Mario's eyes using food coloring.

This would have been a little better had I had an airbrush machine, but I painted a little bit of brown food coloring onto his face to mimic the shadows on his chin, ears and nose.  I rubbed any excess off with a paper towel.

I used a star cookie cutter to cut out yellow fondant and painted on the star's eyes using black food coloring.
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  1. My kids will go GAGA if I ever attempt this. I still believe that the best Mario Bros is the Original one but hey kudos to Mario for crossing the generation lines, right?!? I am not very talented with cake decorations BUT I will need to try this one for sure!! Thanks for sharing at the Friday Follow Along! I hope you will share again!


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