Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heart Cookies 2

Lately, I have been subscribing to the youtube school of cookie and cake decorating.  Learning this way allows me to learn the different techniques and I can learn when it's convenient for me.  Free time is not something well known at my house so I work videos in whenever I can.  In one of the youtube videos I watched I saw someone creating patterns on cookies using a food coloring marker and then covering it with royal icing.  I wanted to try this technique out ASAP, but I knew that I'd have to wait for an opportunity to present itself.  I found my opportunity with the heart cookies!

In a previous post I showed you how to make heart cookies.  I made them in 4 different colors:  pink, purple, blue and green.  Once I was done making the original heart cookies I had some left over 10 second royal icing.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. 

Using a black Americolor food coloring marker I drew a heart and split it into 4 different sections.

I started out with the purple royal icing

Pink next

Green and Blue last
When I was done I realized I had created a cookie with most of my wedding colors.  Pretty appropriate since we'll have been married 6 years soon.  The only wrong color is the blue.  I had yellow instead of blue.  My husband and I wanted to use the flowers and colors from each of parents weddings and then have our own color and flower also.  My in-laws had pink roses, my parents had yellow daisies and we had purple tulips.  We also had green to tie everything all together.  Blue is my son's and my favorite color so of course I had to add it!
Since these were pretty close to the colors from my wedding and it was a heart I had to add a saying, of course! 

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