Monday, July 8, 2013

Hockey Puck Cookies 2

These are my son's favorite cookies.  When my son asked me to make these cookies he gave me his version of how to make these.  He said, "first you take the round crackers and you put peanut butter in the middle.  Then, you put the black over it and TA-DA you're done!"  The whole time this description was going on he was bouncing around.  That is actually a really good description of how to make these cookies.  They are that easy!

I've heard tons of different names for these cookies.  When I first tried these cookies my husband's family named them after my BIL.  I have since heard them called PMS cookies and hockey puck cookies.  Since we are big hockey fans at our house we've begun to call them hockey puck cookies.  I think when they were called PMS cookies they had the addition of marshmallow fluff along with the peanut butter.

Hockey Puck Cookies
2 Sleeves Round Butter Crackers (I used Ritz crackers)
Creamy Peanut Butter
1 pkg. Chocolate Candy Coating

Melt the Chocolate Candy Coating.  You can use a double boiler or a place it in a microwave and melt at 30 second intervals.  Take a cracker and spread peanut butter on top.  Place a 2nd cracker on top of the peanut butter.  Dip the peanut butter crackers into the chocolate until completely coated.  Place on wax or parchment paper to allow the chocolate to cool and harden. 


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